MicroTools requested that I post my open source software and was kind enough to host this entire site. People often ask me what I do for work and what I do for Wellspring. MicroTools also asked me to update my resume recently...very important for consultants. So, here ya go.

I've been thinking more about how to handle this page and it seems an FAQ is in order. People ask me for technical advice all the time. I'll post links to blogs, white papers etc that I do professionally, but I'll post answers to questions from friends and family here.

My Software

Please see the front page for links to itgrapher, glazing_guide and song database.

I recently created these and will be posting soon:


I work for MicroTools Inc, a company that does mostly embedded system software consulting. Here's my resume.


I no longer work eight hours a week for Wellspring Church doing all sorts of tech stuff. I no longertake care of the network and computers, but still take care of the website and some applications. I'm in charge of the Sunday morning tech teams (Soon to be taken over by Dave S.) as well as the bands. James A. is now the staff contact for Translate Studios


Redirect to a blog

Q: I've got a URL that currently points to a SiteGround hosted site. I want to redirect it to a blog. I've been trying to redirect it using the tools in CPANEL but I'm not having any luck. What to do? [Bob D.]

A:Redirect to the blog using your domain registrar instead. Normally we think of domain registrars as mapping a domain name to an IP address. They can also map a domain name to a URL. Not all do, but GoDaddy supports this.

If you didn't already have a domain you could get one through the dashboard. Interestingly Google (who owns blogger) partners with GoDaddy to do this. See the documentation at for more detail.

Followup Q:BTW, my redirection issue may have been related to an individual computer.  My desktop wouldn't redirect (gave me the siteground page error), but my laptop would. Do you know why?

A:Could be caching.  If you didn't have it set up right and got the error once, when you fixed it, the browser may have continued to present the cached version.

It has happened to me.  IE tends to be more of a culprit than FireFox. To test this theory, whichever browser you used, try the other one.  If the problem doesn't happen in the new browser, it was probably caching.

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